Stories by Jon Brodkin

Google Wave code could live on in future open source projects

Although <a href="">Google</a> Wave will go down as one of Google's few high-profile failures, the innovative collaboration tool did attract a small group of dedicated followers who hope it will live on as an open source project.

Microsoft: VMware customers are 'Windows customers first'

<a href=" ">Microsoft</a> rarely finds itself in second place, but Microsoft's head of server virtualization says he doesn't mind playing catch-up to <a href="">VMware</a> in the hypervisor market.

Microsoft's cloud strategy: A question of 'feature parity'

<a href=" ">Microsoft</a> often uses the phrase "feature parity" to describe its vision of providing cloud computing services that closely replicate the capabilities customers can already get by installing Microsoft software inside their firewalls. After all, Microsoft is <a href=" ">"all in" for the cloud,</a> as Steve Ballmer says.

Google topping tech M&A market in 2010

<a href="">Google</a> is well on its way to acquiring more venture-backed startups than any other company in 2010, after years of watching rivals like <a href="">Cisco</a>, IBM, and <a href="">Microsoft</a> dominate the M&amp;A market.

Microsoft Windows Azure and Amazon EC2 on collision course

<a href="">Microsoft's</a> Windows Azure and Amazon's <a href=" ">Elastic Compute Cloud</a> tackle two very different cloud computing technology problems today, but are destined to emulate each other over time, Microsoft cloud official Tim O'Brien says.

MySQL users urge Oracle to improve commitment to open source

<a href="">MySQL</a> users are cautiously optimistic about life under Oracle, but say Larry Ellison's team needs to offer a more detailed road map for development of the open source database.