Stories by Jon Brodkin

VMware taps ex-Microsoft execs to battle Microsoft

VMware's Paul Maritz has given up his title of president to four senior executives who will serve as co-presidents of the EMC-owned company as it increasingly goes up against Microsoft in the virtualization market.

Will Google CEO shift undermine enterprise efforts?

In the nascent battle between Google and Microsoft> for enterprise software customers, there is one stark reality that customers who choose Google must accept: Google's future does not depend on the success of Google Apps.

Microsoft Lync: Take to the cloud or keep it in-house?

<a href="">Microsoft's</a> overhauled unified communications platform -- <a href="">Lync</a> -- will soon hit the market, and customers will eventually have the option of running the software in-house or on Microsoft's cloud network.

EMC stock rises on Oracle buyout rumor

Speculation that <a href="">Oracle might buy EMC</a> pushed EMC's <a href="">stock price</a> up about 5% on Thursday, even as several analysts called such an acquisition unlikely.

HP completes 3Par merger

HP has completed its $2.35 billion merger with 3Par, just weeks after thwarting rival Dell in a bidding war for the storage vendor, HP announced Monday.

VMware aims to displace Windows with cloud-based desktop apps

VMware is developing a new hosted service with the code name "Project Horizon" that will allow delivery of cloud-based desktop applications to any sort of user device, and perhaps further its goal of diminishing the importance of Microsoft's Windows operating system.