Stories by F.Y. Teng

Watch 'em Dell customers!

Dell would have us know that they were providers of visual effects (VFX) and other key technologies to at least two of the nominees at this year's Academy Awards (now officially rebranded The Oscars). And the nominees were Frankfurt, Germany-based VFX producer Pixomondo, and Stockholm, Sweden-based VFX and animation studio Important Looking Pirates (ILP).

Juniper makes official 'new network' proposition

Juniper Networks officially rolled out Friday (October 30) what it referred to as "groundbreaking new software, silicon, systems and partnerships designed to propel the 'new network' for enterprise and service provider customers." Altogether, they "combine breakthrough technology with smart partnerships to help customers immediately reinvent the experience and economics of networking, while fostering a broad ecosystem of innovation across the network," said the statement issued by arguably one of the world's strongest information security and high-performance networking solutions provider on Friday.