Stories by Martyn Williams

Next-generation, high-definition TV

High-definition TV may still be far from the norm in many countries, but that isn't stopping engineers at Japan's public broadcaster from pushing ahead with development of Super Hi-Vision, a system they hope will eventually replace HDTV. Last week engineers at Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) Science and Technical Research Laboratories showed off the most recent work on the technology.

Ken Kutaragi looks to the network

Ken Kutaragi, the former head of Sony's game division and the man who brought the world the PlayStation, will look to harness the power of the network to tie together content in his next endeavou`r.

Dual Blu-ray HD DVD player due from Samsung

One of the main backers of the Blu-ray Disc format, South Korea's Samsung Electronics plans to release an optical disc player this year that will play both Blu-ray Disc and the rival HD DVD format, it said on Friday.

Sony planning 80GB PlayStation 3?

Sony Computer Entertainment is planning a new version of the PlayStation 3 game console with a higher-capacity hard-disk drive, according to a US regulatory filing made by the company.

Microsoft to launch gruntier Xbox 360

On April 29 in the US Microsoft will release an upgraded version of its Xbox 360 console that packs a higher capacity disk drive and high-definition video interface not present on current models.