Stories by Martyn Williams

Warner's Blu-ray Disc move has industry buzzing

The decision by Warner Bros. to drop HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray Disc for high-definition movies has set the electronics industry abuzz. Announced on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show, the move put a single question in the minds of thousands of industry-insiders heading to the show in Las Vegas: Could the high-definition format war be over?

Toyota premieres violin-playing robot

Toyota unveiled on Thursday the latest two creations from its robot project, including one that can play the violin, and said it is targeting the early 2010s for the development of a viable human-assistance robot.

New PSP sells a million in Japan

Sony's slimmer and cheaper PlayStation Portable (PSP) has struck a chord with Japanese shoppers and racked up sales of 1 million [m] units in its first two months on sale.

Toshiba unveils latest HD DVD recorder

As the holiday shopping season approaches, Toshiba is turning up the heat on the Blu-ray Disc camp with the launch of an HD DVD recorder that can record high-definition video to regular DVDs.

Pivo-kun robot helper for Nissan concept car

Imagine a passenger in your car that is never wrong with directions, keeps you in good spirits and will check your e-mail while you're driving. That vision of the future is being presented by Nissan Motor at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007, which opens to the public this weekend.

Samsung achieves record cell phone sales in Q3

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. achieved higher sales and profits in the July to September quarter as cell phone sales hit a record high and the company enjoyed strong demand for its semiconductor and flat-panel display products.

After all the talk, high-def on regular DVDs

For the last few years most of the world's biggest consumer electronics companies have been arguing over a format for high-definiton video discs. The drama over HD DVD versus Blu-ray Disc has confused consumers and held back adoption and, it turns out, might have been unnecessary after all.

JVC shows prototype 4X high-def camera

As high-definition TV continues its seemingly unstoppable march around the world, engineers at Victor Co. of Japan Ltd. (JVC) are busy working on cameras for a next generation system.