Stories by Paul Krill

Microsoft eyes Bing-iPhone linkage boost

Microsoft is developing a software wrapper to better enable iPhone application developers to add Bing search results to their applications, a Microsoft official said on Wednesday.

Oracle offers virtualisation template tool

Oracle will delve further into the server virtualisation space this week,  offering a template-building tool to speed up deployments based on the open source Oracle VM software product.

VMware buys SpringSource in cloud move

A move intended to capitalize on the budding cloud application deployment trend will unite virtualization vendor VMware with Java framework developer SpringSource.

Intel official touts netbooks at open source conference

Intel's work promoting netbooks -- the downsized PCs that are gaining in mindshare -- was touted by a company official Wednesday, who stressed benefits in boot-up times, graphics, and network capabilities during a technology conference.

IBM offers open source machine learning compiler

IBM is announcing on Tuesday availability of an open source machine learning compiler, which the company said intelligently optimizes applications, thus meaning shorter development times and bigger performance gains.

Oracle CEO, set to buy Sun, hails Java at conference

Reassuring the Java community, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison pledged a commitment to Java technologies, including the budding JavaFX rich media extension to Java, on Tuesday morning at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft demos PHP apps kit for the cloud

Moving on plans to enable development of PHP applications for its Windows Azure cloud platform, Microsoft plans to demonstrate this week the PHP SDK for Windows Azure at TechEd India, a Microsoft representative said.

JRuby to live on after Sun-Oracle merger, engineer says

JRuby, a Sun Microsystems-driven implementation of the Ruby language for the Java Virtual Machine, is being used in a range of applications including one to battle infectious diseases. But like other Sun technologies, it remains to be seen how Oracle, which plans to buy Sun, will deal with it.

Microsoft takes aim at IBM in Web campaign

Microsoft will take aim at IBM Thursday in a Web campaign touting Windows Server on Intel-based hardware as a better, more economical performer than IBM's AIX and RISC server platform.

Sun moves on cloud despite uncertainty

Sun Microsystems, soon to be part of Oracle is a planned merger goes through, is proceeding with plans to ramp up its Sun Cloud service for cloud computing. But even a leading Sun executive for cloud computing acknowledges Oracle can do whatever it wants with Sun Cloud, including making changes or even eliminating it.