Stories by Paul Krill

IBM promotes agile development

IBM again touted agile software development methods on Tuesday at the SD West Conference 2008, with an official saying the company itself probably has one of the world's largest adoptions of agile.

Microsoft readies Silverlight 2 beta

Shedding new light on the company's Silverlight 2 browser plug-in technology, a Microsoft official wrote a blog post Friday morning that emphasized RIA (rich Internet application) development capabilities planned for an upcoming beta release.

HP boosts SOA governance

HP announced on Monday SOA governance software and services aimed at helping companies accelerate SOA adoption while reducing risks.

Sun SPOT technology set for open source

Sun is expected to announce this week that it will make the Sun SPOT (Small Programmable Object Technology) device platform available via open source, but a user expressed concerns about Sun's commitment to the technology.

Python upgrades readied for 2008

Developers of the Python programming language are working concurrently on two upgrades to the core platform, both to arrive in 2008, representatives of Python said Wednesday.

Nortel readies SOA and communications push

Nortel will leverage Web services and SOA to enable integration of communications services into business applications with the company launching its Communications Enablement strategy Wednesday.

Sun's open source strategy questioned

Sun Microsystems' push to open source all of its software helped prompt one vice president, Larry Singer, to leave the company, Singer said at a conference in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon.

Microsoft sets Oslo project for model-centric apps

Microsoft plans on Tuesday to unveil what could be an industry-changing effort in application modeling and SOA with its "Oslo" project, which could significantly change the equation in the Windows application deployment space.

Sun offers potpourri of open-source plans

Sun offered informational updates Monday on several ongoing efforts in the open-source arena, including product plans for the OpenSolaris version of the Solaris OS, Java, and the GlassFish application server.

Sun accommodating Linux in Solaris

With an incremental update to its Solaris 10 OS, Sun is extending the platform's virtualization capabilities to accommodate Linux and Solaris on the same computer.