Stories by Paul Krill

Microsoft brings Silverlight to Facebook

Microsoft on Monday unveiled Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform, enabling use of Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in conjunction with the Facebook social platform.

Salesforce-Adobe deal could boost profile's deal with Adobe Systems linking Adobe Flash to the cloud application platform could help better establish as an entity separate from the company's core online CRM platform.

Dell details the Efficient Enterprise strategy at OpenWorld

Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell touted Dell's "Efficient Enterprise" strategy Wednesday at the Oracle OpenWorld 2009 conference and was joined briefly onstage by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who stressed that Oracle is a major user of Dell equipment as well as a partner.

Fate of some Sun technologies still up in the air

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has been fawning all over Sun Microsystems technologies lately, such as Java, the Solaris OS, the MySQL database, and the SPARC CPU platform. But it still remains to be seen how Oracle will deal with redundancies in the Java enterprise application server and IDE spaces once Sun becomes part of Oracle.

Sun, Oracle chiefs vow: Sun technologies will live on

Sun Microsystems Chairman Scott McNealy and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison both took the stage at the Oracle OpenWorld 2009 conference to offer reassurances that Sun technologies will not go away should Oracle complete its planned acquisition of Sun.

Google set to take on collaboration giants

Signaling an intent to compete with giants in the collaboration software space, Google is introducing an API to extend the Google Sites collaborative content development tool, featuring a capability to migrate files from workspace applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes to Sites.

Red Hat defends its subscription license model for Linux

Anyone finding Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscriptions a tough sell for management used to Microsoft's one-time license fee for Windows must emphasize that there are more factors to be considered, chiefly return on investment, Red Hat officials said Friday.

Red Hat CEO: Choose flexibility or Larry Ellison

Preaching on Red Hat's perceptions of open source, Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst on Wednesday asked the audience at the company's technical conference whether they want flexibility in their IT architectures or if they want what Oracle CEO Larry Ellison supposedly wants.

Microsoft offers open source link for PHP, .Net

Microsoft's Developer and Platform Evangelism Interoperability team is introducing on Friday an open source project to bridge PHP and Microsoft's .Net programming model, Microsoft representatives said.

Microsoft eyes Bing-iPhone linkage boost

Microsoft is developing a software wrapper to better enable iPhone application developers to add Bing search results to their applications, a Microsoft official said on Wednesday.