Stories by John Fontana

Google courting resellers to push Apps to corporations

<a href="">Google</a> is building a reseller program for its online suite of enterprise applications as it seeks to push its productivity tools and software-as-a-service model deeper into corporate computing.

Social networking changing face of collaboration

An infusion of social software is helping fuel an evolution of enterprise collaboration that will eventually give users more flexible and distributed tools for finding, organizing and sharing data, according to a conference of experts exploring the topic.

Novell, Sun, Oracle crank out identity and access wares

<a href="">Novell</a>, <a href="">Sun</a> and <a href="">Oracle</a> Monday have announced updates to their identity-management platforms that focus on monitoring access controls and strengthening authentication.

Microsoft-Novell partnership yields virtualisation bundle

Microsoft and Novell have configured and optimised Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to run as a guest operating system on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. The product is the first to include technology developed by both vendors at the Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab they opened just over a year ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Oracle unveils access management suite

<a href="">Oracle</a> Wednesday unveiled a suite of access <a href="">management</a> tools including a new <a href="">server</a> that provides controls to fine-tune user privileges.

Microsoft touts IE 8 features for IT

<a href="">Microsoft</a> Wednesday said it would ship the next beta of <a href="">Internet Explorer 8</a> in August and detailed a number of new features to help ease companies' deployment and management of the browser.

Don't skip Vista, Forrester study says

Companies should think twice about skipping Windows Vista and should get started sooner rather than later on updating their client desktops to the latest Microsoft operating system, according to an independent report issued by Forrester Research.