Stories by Brian Fonseca

New EMC Clariion line adds solid-state option

EMC Tuesday is set to launch the Clariion CX4 Series of midrange storage arrays, which include extra storage capacity, virtual provisioning tools and the ability to swap out physical spinning disks for solid-state disk drives.

NASA launches online historical image gallery

NASA last week launched a new interactive Web site, jointly developed with the non-profit Internet Archive, which initially combines some 21 separately stored and managed NASA imagery collections into a single online resource featuring enhanced search, visual and metadata capabilities.

Intel unveils embedded chipset

Intel has launched its System-on-Chip (SoC) EP8579 integrated processor, which is said to offer lower power and customization capabilities for embedded voice, storage and security applications. The new product family is the first wave of Intel's revamped SoC design, which the company said adds smarter chip intelligence.

Samsung, Sun develop NAND flash memory chip

Samsung this week unveiled a high-endurance 8GB single-level cell NAND flash memory chip, jointly developed with Sun Microsystems Inc., which can significantly boost the lifespan and performance of solid-state drives.

Nailing the Incredible Hulk on-screen

Hired by Marvel Entertainment to help bring a 2.7 metre gamma-powered superhero to life on the big screen, officials at the Soho VFX Inc. special effects facility needed massive storage availability to help its artists create digitally-rendered fight scenes for the film, The Incredible Hulk, which opened in U.S. theatres last week.

Toshiba unveils 160GB 1.8-in. hard drive

Toshiba plans to introduce two new 1.8-in. hard drives, which the company claims can reduce the storage footprint in ultra-portable and sub-notebook PCs by as much as 40% compared to traditional 2.5-in. drives.

New Sun code transforms x86 servers

Sun Microsystems is set to unveil Friday open source software that can repurpose any OpenSolaris-based x86 server into a block-based storage device capable of emulating the physical characteristics of a storage array.