Stories by Greg Adler

Gateway FHD2400 24-inch widescreen LCD monitor

Gateway pushes the versatility envelope with its 24-inch FHD2400 monitor. It combines good image quality, a slick design, a great on-screen display menu, and optional speakers that provide fantastic sound.

Westinghouse L2410NM 24-inch LCD monitor

Westinghouse's L2410NM outperformed the competition in our most recent round of 24-inch monitor testing, earning first place in performance--by an eyelash. The display is well designed and it carries a price tag of about US$500. On the downside it lacks physical adjustments other than tilt.

Lenovo L220x widescreen 22-inch monitor

The L220x is an exceptional display. In my informal evaluation, the monitor produced very vivid colors and rich-looking images. Its very high resolution probably accounts for its outstanding image quality.  

NEC 225WNXM-BK 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor

The 225WNXM sits in a very thin (about 0.5 inch) matte finish black bezel that's not sleek, but looks good. The display features a 1680 by 1050 native resolution, DVI and VGA ports, four USB ports, headphone jack, and it has a set of hidden down-firing speakers.

HP w2207h 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor

The 22-inch w2207h has all the features you could want in a good monitor. It comes through with great image quality, particularly with text, and it provides tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments.

V7 D24W33 24-inch widescreen LCD display

It's hard to see how V7 manages to load the D24W33 with so many features and yet undercut the competition on price. Don't let the monitor's inelegant name--a cacophony of letters and numbers--turn you off: This US$385 (as of May 19, 2008) model packs a slew of inputs and abilities typical of more-expensive displays.

LG W2452T 24-inch widescreen LCD display

LG's US$500 (as of May 19, 2008) W2452T takes a minimalist approach to features--which would be fine if it were priced to match. Unfortunately, the LG costs just as much as <a href="">Samsung</a>'s <a href="">SyncMaster</a> 2493HM, which packs considerably more connection and adjustability options.

Dell Crystal 22-inch LCD monitor

<a href="">Dell</a>'s much anticipated Crystal display is here and ready for a spot on your desk. Priced at nearly US$1200 (as of 5/13/08), however, this monitor is primarily for people with deep pockets--or folks with a need to wow friends and colleagues.