Stories by Peter Judge

Symbian's stumble casts doubts on smartphones

Symbian's shipments went down in the first quarter of this year, raising doubts that its smartphone operating system will spread to cheaper devices as fast as the company hopes - and also contradicting the chairman's hope that the iPhone would actually benefit Symbian.

New switch wraps Wi-Fi in 802.11n blanket

Enterprise Wi-Fi vendor Extricom has launched an 802.11n switch, claiming its "blanket" Wi-Fi technology solves the power problem of the new standard, allowing a smooth transition to faster Wi-Fi.

Siemens' secret 802.11n power claims endorsed

All other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors, including Cisco, Aruba and Trapeze, maintained that the new standard -- running at full power, with two radios each of which can deliver multiple streams of data -- will take more electrical power than industry-standard power-over-Ethernet can deliver.

WiMax plans 3G-killer option

Equipment vendors are quietly working on a WiMax technology that could challenge options for cellular telecoms networks, by allowing the technology out of its small spectrum "ghetto," into the main 3G band due to be allocated this year.

Aruba buys multi-vendor WLAN firm AirWave

Enterprise Wi-Fi vendor Aruba Networks is going to buy AirWave Wireless, a multi-vendor WLAN management company, in a bid to take business from Cisco. The purchase may prove awkward for rival companies who work with Airwave.

802.11n works — and could be extended

While the delivery of draft 802.11n products may be controversial, Broadcom has shown that its Intesi-fi draft 802.11n fast wireless chip set works — and promised it would upgrade to the standard.