Stories by Andrew Hendry

Optus also gets iPhone in Australia

The lack of certainty surrounding exactly who will bring the iPhone to Australia, and what model will be released here, has been clarified a little further yesterday with an announcement by Optus that it too has signed an agreement to bring the iPhone to Australia.

Microsoft responds to Save XP petition

Microsoft's decision to discontinue OEM and packaged sales of Windows XP at the end of June - leaving businesses and consumers with the less-than-celebrated Vista as their only choice of Windows operating system - has drawn considerable criticism and led to an outpouring of support for the continuation of XP sales.

Linux talkfest kicks off in Melbourne

The annual conference, now in its ninth year, kicked off at the University of Melbourne this week, and is on track to top all expectations with a record number of attendees and a bigger-than-ever program of mini-conferences, keynote addresses and open day surprises.

Hitachi high-tails out of CE market

Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd will withdraw from the Australian consumer electronics market as part of a global refocusing of its consumer electronics sales strategy.

Google throws hat into Australian election

Australian politicians from both sides of the fence have lauded Google Australia's launch of a new election web page and tools dedicated to keeping the nation informed about all manner of politics and election issues.

2Clix lawsuit a 'chilling' attack on free speech

The lawsuit filed by 2Clix against Whirlpool forum creator, Simon Wright, could have a "chilling effect" on reasonable and factual comments people may make on Internet forums, according to David Vaile, executive director of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at UNSW.

Judge tells Australian gov't to revise Google case

Australian Federal Court judge, James Allsop, this week ordered the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to go away and revise its case against The Trading Post and Google, claiming it didn't make sense.