Stories by Mark Gibbs

In Pictures: 12 crazy good iOS photography apps

An Apple iPhone ad that aired in April claimed, "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera", and I can believe it. Not only are there are a boatload of iPhones in the wild, there are a huge number of apps that enhance and improve on Apple's default camera app making photography more accessible, more creative, and more social. This is a collection of some of the best and most interesting apps available.

New Zealand gets insane copyright law

Organized crime is everywhere. There's the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, the American Mafia and the Russian Mafia. There's also the Japanese Yakuza and, until they got so wealthy from their realty holdings and legitimate businesses they couldn't afford to be outside of the law, the Irish Sinn Fein.

The Wolverine Internet radio is almost good

Internet radio is big. Pretty much every "terrestrial" radio station of any size now streams live and many, such as KCRW in Santa Monica (one of my all-time-favorite radio stations), offer dedicated news and specialized music streams. And then there's the huge number of Internet-only stations such as <a href="">soma fm</a> with its 14 commercial-free, advertiser-supported, incredibly groovy channels (a big high five to DJ Rusty Hodge).

Seinfeld and Microsoft in ad tie-up

Microsoft had retained the services of comedian Jerry Seinfeld for US$10 million. He will appear in a $300 million series of commercials rumoured to revolve around the slogan &quot;Windows, Not Walls.&quot;

Patent claims threaten IT's viability

Intellectual property, or IP, in the form of patents is, in theory, how we reward those who break new ground, explore strange new technologies, geek out new algorithms and new gadgets, and boldly go where no techie has gone before. In practice, the whole field of IP has become a complete mess with patents being awarded for things that no sane person would call &quot;novel&quot; -- once a key requirement for patentability.