Stories by Marco Tabini

iOS 8 to launch on September 17

Apple ha announced that the next version of its mobile operating system will officially launch on September 17, just ahead of the company's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets.

Separated at birth: Why Apple won't merge OS X and iOS

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, one argument that continually rears its ugly head is that the company must somehow find a way to merge its desktop and mobile operating systems into a single product. Most recently, one analyst has claimed that the folks from Cupertino are working on an "iAnywhere" operating system that would allow a special dock to turn a tablet into a full-fledged desktop computer destined for the professional-user market.

Vox technica: How Siri gets its voice

In early October, CNN revealed that veteran voice actor, Susan Bennett, was the voice behind Siri until Apple changed it in iOS 7. Her utterances, she revealed in an interview, were being used by the tech giant (and its likely voice synthesis partner Nuance) to generate the digital assistant's own words.

Apple confirms iPad wi-fi issues, suggests fixes

Early users of Apple's iPad are reporting problems with establishing a wi-fi network connection. Apple's support forums contain a number of comments from frustrated users who are experiencing problems while trying to set up their wi-fi connections. And Apple itself has posted a support note and FAQ on wi-fi and the iPad. User reports on wi-fi problems cover various issues. Some users say they're unable to join their networks at all after their iPads come out of sleep; others can't seem to get a signal unless they stand very close to their wireless routers (which, needless to say, negates the points of having a wireless network in the first place).

iPad interest waning? So says one survey

According to a survey published by online shopping comparison site Retrevo, users have lost interest in the iPad since Apple announced the new device last month. However, as Retrevo's past surveys have shown, statistics can be massaged to say pretty much anything. The company ran a survey of more than 1,000 randomly-selected users from its website the week before the announcement, followed by the same survey (over a different population sample, which might raise eyebrows) a week later.

iPhone loses market share, but the devil is in the details

As reported by the Wall Street Journal , an ABI Research paper claims that the iPhone's market share among smartphone has dipped to 16.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2009, compared to a little over 18 percent from the previous three-month period.