Stories by JR Raphael

First Look: Google Social Search

Google is pouring personalized social data into search results with its new Google Social Search, launching in experimental mode today. Google Social Search, <a href="">announced at last week's Web 2.0 Summit</a>, adds content from your friends right into your Google searches.

Microsoft: Our US retail stores will open near Apple's

Microsoft's upcoming retail stores won't just be similar in concept to Apple's -- they'll also be similar in location. Microsoft will open its retail stores near Apple's existing locations, a company spokesperson confirms, possibly even as close as right next door in some instances.

Xbox Gains Facebook and Twitter Integration

Microsoft's Xbox is about to get a lot more social. <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a> will soon be coming to the system, Microsoft announced Monday, bringing an interactive boost to the entertainment console.

Windows 7 by the Holidays: Here is Microsoft's Game Plan

Windows 7 will be here by the holidays, <a href="">Microsoft has revealed</a>. The company officially announced the operating system would become available "in time for the holiday shopping season" on Monday, making reports of an <a href="">October Windows 7 release</a> appear all the more reliable.