Stories by Jonny Evans

Apple slammed on climate change

Apple is once again being pilloried on the strength of its green credentials, taking last place among computer firms rated within a recent ClimateCounts survey on climate friendliness.

Apple and RIM dominate smartphone market

The smartphone market is now dominated by Apple and Research In Motion, with other vendors in the space being brushed aside in both consumer and business markets, new research claims.

IPhone has hurt Palm, BlackBerry

Palm's facing deep challenges to compete with Apple's iPhone, while Research In Motion's BlackBerry also seems set to lose market share to the device, at least in the consumer market, an analyst reports.

iPhone voicemail patent pressure grows

Apple faces renewed pressure to settle at least one patent-infringement suit currently placed against it, after one of the company's co-defendants in the case reached a settlement.

Microsoft blows Zune supply

While Microsoft's Zune may have briefly toppled Apple's iPod from the top of the bestseller's list, US customers are having a hard time getting hold of the new version of the product.

Microspot ships Interiors Pro

Microspot has introduced Interiors Professional, the latest version of its popular 3D design product now equipped with high quality raytrace rendering and built in modeling. Macworld awarded the product a Best of Show award at the recent MacLive Expo.