Stories by Jan Birkeland

There's money in consumables

Healthy margins are reseller nirvana — higher ones even better. According to Anyware’s Peter de Wever margins on hardware don’t come any higher than those on cables and consumables.

Laser targets supermarkets

According to New Zealand country manager Sim Bong, Laser has got off to a stronger than expected start since it opened for business earlier this year.

Keeping mobile viruses out of NZ

As smart phones and PDAs become increasingly popular, so too do malicious attacks aimed at the devices. According to Aston Jones, customer relationship manager at Scientific Software Systems (SSS), more than 300 known viruses are today targeting smart phones.

Digitalblue warned for price fixing

DigitalBlue has received a warning from the Commerce Commission for telling Dick Smith Electronics not to advertise an iPod accessory below a certain price point.

Theta: call them loyal

Over a decade after its launch, Auckland-based Theta Systems prides itself on the fact that its very first customer remains on its books. “We have an enormously loyal customer base,” says CEO Steve Saunders. ”Having customers for such a long time is a testament to our success.”

Oh Brother, why art thou so big?

Brother appears to be doing better in Oceania than other regions of the world. The printer (and sewing machine) maker is a market leader in the New Zealand market but an also-ran in Europe.

HP flatting with Microsoft

Hewlett Packard (HP) and Microsoft are housemates following HP’s move into its new premises in Auckland's mini-Silicon Valley. HP takes residence on two floors of the building at 22 The Viaduct, moving closer to both Microsoft and Vodafone.