Stories by Jan Birkeland

Verbatim Archival Grade DVD-Rs

Archiving media has been a challenge since the first CD-ROM saw daylight in 1985. Optical media has had a relatively short archival lifespan, and some have dubbed them unusable as corporate storage.

IT goldmine in the West Coast

Servicing geographical areas outside the main city centres is something the bigger players seem hesitant to do. Brent Oldham, managing director of IT At Work, did just that when he started out for himself 13 years ago in Westport, and has grown his business into a West Coast icon.

The demise of the desktop

It comes as no surprise that the notebook market is rapidly overtaking the desktop market, nor is this particularly newsy. It is interesting, however, to probe into the reasons why this is and where we can expect the market to go in the future.

Spotlight on Hamlet security software

“Quite an attractive proposition,” is how Symantec’s managing director for the Pacific region, David Sykes, describes the company’s upcoming enterprise security software offering.

Riding the learning curve drives career

Sander Dales, Juniper’s Auckland-based director for strategic alliances across Australia and New Zealand, left high school at the end of sixth form to pursue a career in engineering. He did a certificate in engineering with a ticket in microprocessors and software, hinting at a later career in IT.