Stories by Jan Birkeland

Focused marketing message proves profitable

Australian distributor and wholesaler Anyware Computer Accessories came to Auckland four years ago, eager to break into the New Zealand market. Husband and wife team Peter and Nicole de Wever followed not long after to spearhead the operations here.

High-capacity hacker protection from McAfee

McAfee has launched its Intrushield 10 Gigabit Ethernet platform in New Zealand and is touting the move as the first and only intrusion prevention system (IPS) able to deliver performance of up to 10GB.

Selling skills complement engineering degree

Leaving her native Philippines for New Zealand was an easy choice for Renaissance Brands’ Johanna Nonato. The product manager in the networking and security group says leaving the Philippines brought with it challenges and opportunities here.

Sporting skills sharpen marketing

Danica Aitken, Microsoft’s product marketing manager at the entertainment and devices division, is possibly the only person at the company able to do a one-armed push-up.

Teamwork enhances Server 2008

Software giant Microsoft is busy working behind the scenes on the upcoming release of its server operating system Windows Server 2008, formerly known under the codename Longhorn.

Bulk-buy syndicate to set up shop

The Australian buying consortium National Associated Retail Traders of Australia (Narta), is expected to follow in the footsteps of one of its largest customers JB Hi-Fi and set up shop in New Zealand.