Stories by Jan Birkeland

Tandberg gets refresh with new partner

Renaissance Brands’ latest partnership is with tape storage specialist Tandberg Data. The companies have been working together since April 1 this year. Last Monday resellers had a chance to view Tandberg's products.

ITW bags wholesale award

A New Zealand distributor has for the first time picked up the Supplies Wholesaler of the Year 2005 award. IT Wholesale (ITW) and Ingram Micro were both contenders for the award, with ITW winning it in the end.

BootCamp: best of both worlds or double trouble?

Antivirus vendors are licking their lips in anticipation of the new business that will come their way now Apple has released BootCamp. The application allows users with Intel-based Macintosh computers to use both Apple’s OSX operating system and Microsoft Windows.

Cheaper storage conceals costly management

While storage hardware prices are dropping considerably, Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS) in Australia released a report last week saying that the low hardware cost conceals a higher management cost.

Imation stays neutral in DVD war

Imation has put its eggs in two baskets in preparation for the upcoming Blu-ray v HD-DVD format battle. The company is set to manufacture and distribute both formats, in a war equalling the Betamax and VHS battle in the early 80s.

Trend shifts focus to local shores

Trend Micro has New Zealand firmly in its sights following last year’s success in the Australian channel. The company has teamed with Ingram Micro to target small to medium enterprises.