Stories by Hamish Barwick and Matthew Sainsbury

Cellnet NZ: Jabra "not a great loss"

ANZ distributor Cellnet has terminated its relationship with telephony brand Jabra, however New Zealand CEO Dave Clark says it is well represented in the space with other agencies. Dealing with Jabra has not been as ideal as Cellnet would have liked, says Clark. “I don’t see it as a great loss and we have more than enough brands within that space. Parting ways with Jabra is not the end of the world by any stretch.” Cellnet began distributing Jabra products two years ago, with New Zealand stocks supplied from the Brisbane office. In Australian Reseller News, Cellnet's Australian CEO Stuart Smith cited "erratic and unreliable supply" of products, making customer support difficult. “Jabra gave us erratic and unreliable supply – our customers would catalogue products, and Jabra was not delivering them on time,” Smith said. “The partnership was a very small and immaterial part of our business, and leaves no gaps in our portfolio – we have alternative vendors on-board, and more announcements to come.” In a statement, Smith said it was in discussions with Jabra to ensure a transition period to limit the impact on its customers but had already managed to secure alternative products. “We are constantly improving service to our customers and as a distributor this action is taken as a last resort – however, our focus on customer service and an improved reliable product offering is not able to accommodate inconsistent sporadic supply over prolonged periods of time."