Stories by Brian J. Dooley

Infinite possibilities in mobility's brave new world

Mobile technology continues to move forward, despite occasional hiccups such as the problems surrounding Telecom’s initial rollout of its XT network. While there are still teething issues to be addressed, there is no question that high bandwidth mobile data services are here to stay.

Upskill to keep pace with technical and sales changes

“For sales staff, the biggest weakness is not taking a consultative approach to selling. A level of technical sophistication is required to be competitive, but more important is understanding how technology impacts clients. We add subject matter expertise to support sales as we drive into detailed solutions. Most sales people in the market are too focused on technical selling. The focus should be on the ability to understand a client’s problems and strategic initiatives. This enables staff to translate how our capabilities can make initiatives a reality.”

Partner programme upheaval: Who is unearthing treasures?

While most partnership programmes focus mainly on the sales community, RSA is developing a local initiative to support presales technical professionals. “I am a firm believer that the partner presales community is fundamental to a successful partner programme,” says Teague. “We are complementing the global programme with RSA Elite Forces locally. This targets trained technical partners, awarding them for positioning themselves to sell our product. It is a new four-tier programme, with each tier based on particular behaviour.

Consolidated security lifeline for harrassed SMBs

Security continues to evolve under pressure, both from increasingly sophisticated threats and from changes in the IT environment that demand re-evaluation of current solutions. In recent years new threats have arisen from areas such as social networking, with more attacks being made by sophisticated criminal groups rather than by individual hackers.

BI boom in recessionary times

The seeds of certain pine trees germinate best after a forest fire, because the heat enables them to open. The recession has been like a forest fire, with many businesses and ordinary sales opportunities endangered by the flames. But some opportunities, like the pine seeds, actually perform best in a tough economic climate.

A new era dawns for open source

Open source has some specific advantages for New Zealand and in these recessionary times. It provides source code for free that can be modified, subject only to the provision these modifications must be made available to the public. For New Zealand, with its small market, this means customisation to meet regional differences can more easily be undertaken. For example, American zip codes can be changed to postal codes; VAT can be changed to GST; and numeric dates can be set in the correct order.

Ramp up your sales force

As the global economy moves into ‘interesting times’, sales will continue to provide the mechanism that keeps the IT industry running. For the reseller, current conditions provide a range of new opportunities and threats. Keeping on top of this environment requires a renewed focus on retaining sales talent, while also building the sales and technical skill sets that will be required to meet the business conditions of the future.