Stories by Randal Jackson, Computerworld

Revera COO leaves as Cockayne remains

Andrew Seerden, who was appointed chief operating officer of Revera in August, has left the company. His decision to depart was driven by Roger Cockayne deciding to stay on as chief executive officer. Seerden had been appointed to the COO role as part of a succession plan to enable Cockayne to taper off operational management responsibilities and focus on strategic initiatives. Cockayne is the co-founder of Revera. Seerden joined Revera after a period of management consulting. Previously, he was general manager of the Hewlett-Packard Imaging and Printing Group and held senior roles at Compaq. The longer-term plans were for him to take the role of CEO with Cockayne as executive director. At the time, Cockayne described Seerden’s appointment as a key milestone.

Government tender site rebuild takes new tack

A report into the Government Electronic Tenders System (GETS) that recommended July as a start date for employing staff for a “new generation GETS” has been set aside in favour of a technical audit to investigate making incremental improvements to the existing system.

Leading tech companies lay off staff

IT services company Solnet has laid off 15 staff in Wellington, and Unisys is about to lay off 16. Solnet managing director Mark Botherway says his company’s redundancies represent around 10 percent of staff and are mainly in the project delivery area.