Stories by Greg Adams

How smart is touch?

We touch for all manner of reasons. There is the physical stuff like shaking hands, embracing and a host of other things between consenting adults. We have to touch something to pick it up, pull it, push it, steer it, move it around, or simply come into contact with it.

The demise of the floppy

We knew the day was coming but, I must admit, I was a bit misty-eyed to hear that the end seems nigh for the floppy disk. Sony, which makes the lion’s share of them these days, announced it will stop production from March 2011, a decision that is likely to signal the floppy disk’s ultimate demise.

A 'genuine' question about software

I like my cricket and watched my fair share during the summer. The ups and downs of the games aside, I was reminded the other day of a statement one of the commentators came out with.

Lovelace a pioneer in a man's world

Information and communications technology is a man’s world. I don’t mean this in some sexist, ‘women should keep out’ kind of way. Rather, it is simply as acknowledgement of presence.

School days aren't what they used to be

Some say our time at school represents the best days of our lives. I did have some good experiences in and out of the classroom, that’s for sure. But I was far from convinced at the time that these were my best days (and nothing’s changed to make me think any differently). In fact, some of it was downright dull and boring.

Connected living and eating the odd spider

I read the other day the average Facebook user checks their account some half a dozen times a day – some less, and some much, much more. About half of the reported 400 million members of the site are ‘active’ users … so that’s an awful lot of checking going on.

There's no O.L.D in I.C.T

Sometimes it seems like there’s no middle ground with technology. You’re either riding the wave at the cutting edge … or woefully behind the 802.11 ball. You’re flashing your iPad and Flip Video … or, well, there is no “or” is there really.

An amble down IT's memory lane

Think back 10 years and we were just venturing back to work in a post-Y2K world that had given a collective sigh of relief that life as we knew it hadn’t ended. Nothing of any real note crashed and no systems fell over. In fact, the millennium bug proved something of an anti climax … although it could be argued that it had forced through some major investment and upgrades that ousted a lot of old kit, which undoubtedly helped greatly with the growth of technology in the ensuing years.

Everything and the box it came in

One of the pleasures of this job – by which I mean plying the trade of journalism – is getting invites to check out the latest and greatest the IT world has to offer. An important part of this is visiting newly-appointed offices, complete with gadgets and gizmos, flexi-working environments, bright colours, and all manner of soft things strewn all over the floor.

Seeing double in the IT dictionary

Some words are created by cramming two words together to make another that combines the sense of each. For instance, ‘spork’ comes from spoon and fork. Or breakfast and lunch becomes ‘brunch.’

The fifth dimension and beyond!

It seems that 3D is again all the rage. Not the red and green glasses variety that my Dad would have enjoyed in the 1950s but completely new technologies for our viewing pleasure. In fact, more than one technology and no industry standards, so that side of things looks like ending up a bit of a mess as usual.

IT's a laugh

I like jokes. Clever ones. Silly ones. Odd ones. Even bad ones. I do draw the line at those I find offensive … but, as with anything to do with humour, I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion.