Stories by Greg Adams

Away in a manger 2.0

Growing up, I think the Nativity was one of my favourite stories — if not the favourite.

Taking two from technology

How often do you get to the end of the day or even the week and still have a few things left on your ‘to do’ list, which you can’t quite understand why you hadn’t found the time to do them?

Making the call to recycle

I was delighted with my haul from Santa this Christmas: A pair of Star Wars lightsabres for my Wii, the latest read from Conn Iggulden, running shoes, chocolate with soft gooey mint centres (my favourite) … and not a sock or infuriating Kung Zhu in sight.

Wheels of change turn slowly

It is not just technology that changes. The IT industry is one where acquisitions, mergers, buyouts, sales, reshuffles, takeovers – hostile and otherwise – are common. Names can change quicker than passwords; your business rival can become your boss in the space of a few hours’ wheeler dealing.

Specialist's hidden twist

A friend told me about an interesting online experience he had the other day that I’d like to share with you. It went something like this.

A whole new world on camera

One aspect of today’s communications technology that I’m really enjoying is video. I have always liked to chat on the phone, but services like Skype, Messenger and Tokbox have added an extra dimension.

Brought to you by the letter...

A decade or so ago, ‘e’ was all the rage. Everywhere we looked it was e-this and e-that. We had e-commerce, e-learning, e-cards, e-cash, e-forms, e-government, email, e-readers, even eBay got in on the act.

In a galaxy far away

Many of you will know my penchant for jokes, especially those of a technological persuasion. So, I enjoyed one my son came out with the other day: “What phone company do Jedi knights use?” he asked.

Finding the real Mii

One of the criticisms levelled at information and communications technology is the ability for people to hide their true identities. This is especially relevant with the likes of online social networking.

A sticky problem with the third dimension

Last weekend I went a bit movie mad. First it was Avatar, then Cloverfield. Both birthday pressie DVDs and thoroughly enjoyable. I do have one question about Cloverfield, though. Can anyone tell me what video camera has that sort of battery life?

The patron saint of internet security?

We can all do with a helping hand now and then. Sometimes it’s a parent offering an encouraging word or a work colleague staying late to help with a presentation. It could be a Samaritan doing a good deed or a mentor pointing you in an alternative direction.

The iGreatest number 8?

From time to time, we are subjected to lists of the ‘best’ or the ‘greatest’ or the ‘mostest’ or some such ‘estest’ thing. I always like to take a peek, especially if there is a technological element. One such list caught my eye recently.