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Industry Innovation: Fronde Anyware

Since becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fronde Group earlier this year, Fronde Anyware is aiming for consolidation and then growth for its mobile banking products, payment and two-factor authentication products Bank Anywhere and Two Secure. The latter, launched in June, was the subject of its entry into this year’s IBM Business Partner awards. As well as its deployment into Radio Surveillance (RSSS) in South Africa – which has now become a reseller partner – it is now gaining wider international traction. Two Secure is being used in the UK and France and in a pilot project in Germany. A local company will be deploying it in early December. Product manager Craig Eades says convenience has driven the adoption of the one-time password generator, which is a small Java application that sends the password to a mobile phone for users to enter into a website, verified by Fronde Anywhere’s server. “There are other solutions out there such as RSA’s tokens. But the people we’re presenting to that have these solutions have three or four tokens and find management of them is an overhead," he claims. "They don’t remember to take them [with them] but people don’t leave cellphones at home as often.” Eades says Fronde Anyware has focused initially on marketing Two Secure among financial organisations because it had established this audience for Bank Anywhere. However, it now wants to take the product to other markets.

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Channel TalkBack - Gen-i’s deal with Telecom

THE information technology industry is going to see considerably more consolidation, as companies are driven by the convergence demand. Commenting on technology solutions provider Gen-i’s proposed acquisition by Telecom, IDC analyst Graeme Muller says there is room for even more consolidation in the channel and smaller resellers are going to have to either specialise or be bought out.