Stories by Evan Dashevsky

Leaked Droid 5 images may yet give hope to long-suffering QWERTY fans

Despite the popularity of touchscreen interfaces in smartphones, some people will never want to give up the finger-friendly feel and utility of an old-school, physical keyboard. Unfortunately for these digit-centric folks, nearly all the top-shelf handset releases of the past year have been decidedly keyboard-free. A series of leaked images purportedly of the QWERTY-licious Droid 5 may be reason for keyboard fans to have hope, however.

Explore the TARDIS via this amazing Doctor Who Google Maps easter egg

In addition to a famously wide array of perks, Google employees have been given a fairly wide berth to create Easter Eggs and other (occasionally needlessly intricate) pranks for their suite of Web tools. And in that proud tradition of digital Tom Foolery, comes this very cool Doctor Who-themed Easter Egg quietly hiding in Google Maps.

That nifty 3D printer may be slowly poisoning you

Hey, hobbyface! Those are some cool little trinkets you made with your desktop 3D printer! Unfortunately, your fancy little device may be poisoning the very air you breathe! At least that's the possible findings of one study from the Illinois Institute of Technology.