Stories by Evan Dashevsky

LG may go big with next Optimus G Pro

Last year, LG introduced the super-powerful and supersized Optimus G Pro, which boasted some of the brawniest specs available at the time. According to reports in the Korean press, the company is getting ready to unveil the next generation Optimus G Pro 2 at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

In Pictures: 11 must-have apps for your new Windows Phone

While the Windows Phone app market continues to mature, there are plenty of good grabs within the 200,000-plus strong ecosystem right now. We've highlighted 11 Windows Phone apps that will make your mobile experience as smooth as Steve Ballmer's scalp.

So that Nokia Android phone may really be happening

We've witnessed a steady parade of leaks and rumors regarding Nokia's plans to release a whole new Android device. That's the same Nokia whose devices business is a few crossed t's and dotted i's from becoming a fully-owned part of Microsoft.

LG's curved G Flex phone solves a problem that nobody had

After a long, leaky, build-up, LG has officially debuted its curvaceous smartphone, the LG G Flex. Remember where you were this day; for it will go down in history as the date when LG's mobile devices began to slightly bend for no demonstrably necessary reason.