Stories by Brad Chacos

Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 11S strikes a compelling pose

Few Windows hybrids highlighted the compromises inherent in straddling device genres as thoroughly as the original Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11. Physically designed as a "notebook first" hybrid, yet sporting a tablet-oriented ARM processor and the neutered Windows RT operating system, it was nothing short of an elegant piece of convertible hardware crippled by its slate-friendly software.

Asus slowly backs away from Windows RT tablets

Mere days after Microsoft was forced to slash the price of the Surface RT in an attempt to move more of the moribund tablets, Windows RT has received yet another no-confidence vote: Asus plans to pull back from the mobile-focused platform.

Android boss promises a refreshed Nexus 10 tablet is coming soon

While the pixelicious new Nexus 7 was the only tablet to be featured during Google's Chromecastic breakfast on Wednesday, the company still has at least one more slate hidden up its sleeve, and it's even bigger than Google's budget stunner--at least if you're talking literally.

Microsoft should yank Windows RT for Windows RT's own good

Okay, Microsoft. You had your fun fling with ARM processors, serenading your newfound love with glitzy dubstep ads full of creepy dancing schoolgirls. Thin and light tablets packing a--gasp!--free version of Office? Freedom from Intel and AMD's x86 processors? Sanctity from traditional Windows malware? How dreamy.

The PC fights back: US sales decline is slowing

Last week, the headlines screamed that computer shipments had plunged roughly 11 percent in the second quarter, after dropping a disastrous 14 per cent the quarter before that. While it's hardly good news, we've known for a while that the rise of tablets, "good-enough computing", and (maybe, just maybe) a lackluster response to Windows 8's new-look interface have been bad for PC sales.