Stories by Brad Chacos

In Pictures: Your new PC needs these 22 free programs

More than a mere blank slate, a new PC is a fresh opportunity—a collection of components that, with the right software installed, could accomplish anything from balancing your household budget to helping to cure cancer. Yes, stocking your PC is an intensely personal task. Even still, some programs are so helpful, so handy, so useful across the board that we heartily recommend them to everybody. These are the programs you want to install on a new PC first.

Microsoft exec: 'We are not going to have three' Windows platforms

Steve Ballmer's audacious vision of "One Microsoft, all the time," delivering a single, seamless user experience across a wide range of devices, from PCs to tablets to video-game consoles, will not be achieved without digital bloodshed. Windows will die, a Microsoft exec suggested last week..

The little computer that could: Raspberry Pi passes 2 million mark

The masses seem to be buying into the dream behind the $35 Raspberry Pi, a low-cost, barebones computer designed to get PCs into the hands of kids who want to learn to code. Sunday, the Raspberry Pi foundation announced that the company sold its two-millionth micro-PC sometime towards the end of October.

The PC makers' battle against Microsoft's Surface, in their own words

Tremors are a-quaking throughout the PC industry, and the violent shake-up is turning former bedfellows into bitter rivals. Over the past year, PC makers have been vocally complaining about Microsoft's recent decisions, and what's more, virtually every manufacturer has put their money where their mouths are, turning to the open arms of Android and Chromebooks in ever-increasing numbers.