Stories by Glenn Fleishman

Linksys WRT610N router: two networks at once

Mac users want to stream and sync video and play networked games without getting bogged down by lagging data. The Linksys WRT610N router takes advantage of modern wi-fi standards by creating two networks at once: a high-frequency, high-speed 5GHz network for media, which happens to work with the Apple TV, and a slower backward-compatible 2.4GHz network for older devices and slower data transfers.

Mac (insecurity): How to secure Macs in business

Macs are immune from security threats, right? It's Windows we have to worry about. That water-cooler wisdom needs to be flipped on its head, security experts and IT managers warn. Microsoft has gotten its security act together with Vista and its current security-response program; meanwhile, Apple is fast becoming the company most in need of getting its security mojo going.

Sierra Wireless Compass 597 USB modem

Sprint has created the ultimate cellular data modem combo with its Sierra Wireless Compass 597. The device folds high-speed, ubiquitous data access and GPS (Global Positioning System) service into a tiny USB cell modem and pairs it with Sprint SmartView, new Mac OS X software that takes full advantage of the new hardware.