Stories by Heather Havenstein

Google, Microsoft describe next generation 'Office 2.0'

As Web 2.0 technologies continue seeping into business systems, a new generation of corporate users is starting to gain access to the collaboration capabilities they are demanding from IT, according to attendees at the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco this week. But before use of the tools spreads too far, they noted, companies must strike a balance between the Web 2.0 wants of users and the needs of corporate IT.

Top 10 funniest iPhone YouTube videos

It's time to buoy iPhone users spirits, and for non-users to have a chuckle, with the top 10 funniest iPhone YouTube videos. Number 10 is especially pertinent for those who may have permanently "lost that loving feeling" toward their iPhone. Hint: they do blend.

Social networking quickly taking global hold

The use of social networking sites worldwide has grown substantially in the past year, with some sites seeing total visits increase as much as 270 percent, according to a study released Tuesday by Internet measurement company ComScore.

IBM Rational offers peek into the future of its tools

IBM's Rational Software unit Tuesday provided a peek into the principles that will be guiding work on its next generation of software development tools -- including the use of Web 2.0 and collaboration technologies to ease some of the traditional barriers facing software developers.

NBC online with web widgets

NBC Universal announced plans to make making some of its news, entertainment and sports television programming available as widgets that users can personalise and add to blogs, web sites, wikis and social networking profiles.

Internet revolt supports user-content model

Digg, which operates a news aggregation website that lets users determine the placement of stories through voting, this week found itself at the centre of what some analysts and academics are calling a test case on who has control over user-generated content on social networking sites.

Web analytics take-off in marketing

Web analytics tools, traditionally stand-alone products used to measure web site hits, are increasingly being integrated with other key tools to become the "brains" behind enterprise marketing efforts, according to a report released this week.

Red Hat open-source integration tool

Red Hat announced an acquisition and new strategy that the company says are key parts of its growing effort to boost its open-source middleware and service-oriented architecture business.

IBM adds analysis with BI boost

IBM has overhauled its approach to business intelligence by adding analysis capabilities to its data warehouse and unveiling BI appliances for small and midsize companies.