Stories by Katherine Noyes

Ubuntu phones on track for 2014 after all

Early this year numerous media reports suggested that the first Ubuntu phones had been delayed and wouldn't appear until 2015, but Canonical founder, Mark Shuttleworth, has announced that two providers are well on track to bring the Linux-based devices to market this year after all.

Canonical Targets Business Desktops with a New Ubuntu Linux Remix

Hard on the heels of last week's <a href="">news</a> that Canonical will no longer financially support the <a href="">Kubuntu variant</a> of its popular Linux distribution, CEO Jane Silber on Friday announced a brand-new version of Ubuntu Linux designed specifically for businesses.

Why Android users are so happy

Smartphone users tend to hold strong opinions about the various mobile platforms out there, often displaying feverish loyalty to the one they use and outright disdain for all others. That is particularly evident these days in the competition between iPhone and Android, of course, fuelled by Android&#8217;s rapid ascendance in the marketplace.