Stories by Ellen Messmer

IBM device secures online banking

IBM this week rolled out a security device it says will protect online banking and keep cyber-criminals from being able to make fraudulent funds transfer even from a compromised PC.

Dell offering free Web browser security tool

Dell, through its Kace unit, is making available free Web browser <a href=" t">security software</a> that works by creating a protective "sandbox" on the desktop to isolate the user's desktop from malware or other harmful actions that might be encountered browsing the Web.

Microsoft pushes ADFS 2.0, federated identity for cloud security

At its TechEd conference this week, Microsoft is pushing its newly upgraded Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) technology as the foundation for identity in cloud computing environments, but some analysts point out there are still more pieces to come in the complex federated identity puzzle.

Symantec offering web monitoring service

Symantec has announced a web monitoring service intended to unearth evidence of botnet-related malware activity within an organisation by continuously looking at outbound HTTP traffic for suspicious signs ofTrojans on compromised computers trying to &quot;call home&quot; to their criminal controllers.

ANZ users frustrated with endpoint security

There's a groundswell of frustration about today's endpoint security, as well as worries about how newer technologies such as virtualisation or cloud computing will impact it, according to a new study.

Gartner on cloud security: 'Our nightmare scenario is here now

At the Gartner Symposium IT/Expo this week, thousands of IT managers packed into sessions on the topic of virtualisation of enterprise computers, along with the prospect of adopting public cloud-based services or building private ones. Some say the revolution is underway, and security managers are caught in the middle, losing their earlier controls.

Nine Ball attack strikes 40,000 websites

More than 40,000 websites have been hit by a mass-compromise attack dubbed Nine Ball that injects malware into pages and redirects victims to a site that will then try to download Trojans and keylogger code, Websense said today.

Symantec vows huge push into SaaS market

At its Financial Analyst Day event in San Francisco Thursday, Symantec's top executives vowed a major push into software-as-a service and also offered a glimpse at upcoming back-up products. Enrique Salem, president and CEO, kicked off the event with the investment industry's analysts by saying Symantec intends to expand into software-as-a-service, an area in which it already has experience (the company now backs up 32 petabytes of customer data in the cloud with continuing growth at 5 petabytes each quarter). Salem predicted SaaS, in which Symantec will have new offerings, could comprise "15% of total revenues in the next five years."

McAfee touts integrated compliance suite

McAfee has taken steps to integrate its vulnerability assessment and policy management products in a single suite to make it easier for enterprises to stay on top of compliance initiatives.