Stories by Ellen Messmer

HP launches free service to secure mobile, Web apps

HP says it now has a free service called Fortify My App that lets anyone building mobile or Web applications upload code to the Fortify software-as-a-service and get a limited analysis about whether the code has specific vulnerabilities or design flaws.

Symantec CEO on reorg: 'our system is just broken'

Under the helm of new CEO Steve Bennett, Symantec late yesterday outlined a re-organization intended to lead to a leaner company and a new range of security and backup services and products, built primarily on internal research and development not acquisitions, within the next six to nine months.

Symantec shows off security research and development projects

At Symantec Research Labs, Symantec's internal research and development arm, there are a number of projects underway which are likely to emerge as products and services within the next 18 months. Sanjay Sawhney, the senior director of research, product development, recently showed off three projects the company is developing.

Social media bring business, but add security quagmire

Social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so forth - has become a way of life for companies and their employees to interact with the public, but beating back the fraudsters that try to prey on customers, not to mention keeping employees from spilling sensitive data, is becoming a full-time job for many.

RSA's SecurID security breach: What should you do?

RSA's <a href="">disclosure last night</a> that it has suffered a sophisticated cyberattack in which attackers obtained some type of information about RSA's SecurID product for two-factor authentication is prompting a variety of suggestions in how customers should deal with the problem.