Stories by Dan Nystedt

Netbooks shore up Acer results during first quarter

Acer's popular netbook, the <a href="">Aspire One</a>, shored up the company's sales in the first quarter as consumers reined in spending amid a global recession.

3D LCD TVs that don't require glasses coming soon

Within the next few years, companies from Taiwan may begin selling LCD TVs with 3D (three-dimensional) viewing technology that does not require the special glasses normally used in movie theaters to show 3D films.

Electronics demand may recover late this year

The current uptick in electronics production may be a first sign of bottoming, but real end-user demand for electronic devices will not emerge until the final quarter of this year, Gartner said in a report Sunday.

Hands on with Acer's F900 and M900 smartphones

Global PC vendor Acer made its first move into the smartphone market at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month and I had a chance to sit down and try out a few of the new devices in Taipei.

Taiwan fights recession with gadget show

A special electronics show aimed at enticing people in Taiwan into spending special economic stimulus vouchers ended Monday in Taipei with many people picking up new gadgets on the cheap.

Asus plans to reduce variety of Eee PC netbooks

Asustek Computer (Asus) plans to offer fewer versions of its <a href="">Eee PC</a> netbooks this year to avoid confusion and lower production costs, executives said Thursday.

Garmin-Asus to release low-cost Eee Phone this year

The Eee Phone, a smartphone that takes its name from popular computer products by Asustek Computer (Asus) including the Eee PC netbook line, will be among the early handsets released by the new Garmin-Asus mobile phone business the two companies announced last week.

Kodak sees dramatic consumer slowdown

Kodak axed its financial guidance for the rest of this year due to continued economic weakness and currency changes, becoming the latest company to report deteriorating conditions in the global economy.

Intel completes work on 32nm chip technology

Intel on Wednesday said it finished development work on manufacturing technology that will allow it to produce chips with circuitry just 32-nanometers in size, a billionth of a meter, by the fourth quarter of next year.