Stories by Dan Nystedt

More 'fighting' in chip price war

Intel slashed prices on a handful of microprocessors after the company's battle to retake market share from rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) took a turn for the worse.

LG sues PC maker over DVD patents

LG Electronics has filed a lawsuit against the world's largest contract manufacturer of laptop PCs over the infringement of four patents related to DVD technology, the company said on Wednesday.

Asustek break-up to pursue profits

A familiar name in computer motherboards, Asustek Computer will split into three companies by January to separate its name brand product business from its contract manufacturing operations, it said on Monday.

HTC launches Microsoft-based iPhone rival

High Tech Computer Corp. announced the HTC Touch, a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS device designed with one-touch screen features giving users instant access to emails, contacts and appointments.

One million Zunes sold by June

Microsoft expects to have sold more than one million Zune players by the end of June, which the company considers a good but not earth-shattering performance for the product.

DRAM price drop - cheaper memory

Computer manufactureres looking to add more DRAM to PCs are likely to continue to see bargains throughout May and June, as prices of the memory chips continue to soften.

Acer strikes back at patent lawsuit

Acer has hired a lawyer that helped win a big patent case against Hewlett-Packard (HP) two years ago, to assist in its defence against two HP patent lawsuits, Acer's chairman has reveled.

Acer recalls 27,000 notebook PC batteries

Just six months after saying Acer laptop PC users would not need to replace any batteries amid a massive global recall, a company subsidiary announced a recall for 27,000 batteries in the U.S.

HP's tenth patent lawsuit against rival

Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world's largest PC vendor, has filed another lawsuit against its fastest growing rival, Acer, as competition in the PC industry continues to heat up.