Stories by Logan G. Harbaugh

Review: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2, which ships this month, allows end users to tap into the powerful business intelligence features of SQL Server via tight integration with popular Microsoft applications like Excel.

10 power-saving myths debunked

Companies are finding themselves embroiled in a power crisis as they struggle to find ways to rein in soaring energy costs -- as well as do their part to address global climate change. However, how can you be certain that the power-saving strategies your company has adopted are, in fact, the best ones? After all, there are plenty of myths out there about saving energy that are patently false. In this report, we examine 10 such myths and bring the truth to light.

Fast guide to fancy SAN management

No longer tied to a monolithic enterprise price tag, many of the sophisticated storage management capabilities outlined below can now be found in <a href="">affordable SAN midrange systems</a> from Compellent, iQstor, Xiotech, and other vendors.