Stories by Kevin Tolly

What will rate in 2008?

It's time to look into the crystal ball to see what exciting products will be coming your way next year. In my case, I can skip the crystal ball and just look at the testing projects at The Tolly Group that are wending their way to you. Breakthroughs in performance and functions abound.

Symphony – fully orchestrated office suite

Alternative office suites are nothing new. For users requiring the trio of word processing, spreadsheets and presentations there have always been options. For some years, it has been possible to get OpenOffice for free and the commercial version, Sun's StarOffice, for US$69. More recently, Google Apps has been enticing business users by adding collaboration as an integral part of its office alternative. So why should we even care about IBM Lotus Symphony?

The return of 'Big Iron'

Having come of age in the IT industry at the likely zenith of the mainframe at the start of the 1980s, I am always drawn to mainframe-oriented news. For the past 15 years, though, such stories have been of the kind in which the writer is somewhat amazed that the mainframe is "not dead yet." After some two decades of having its market share eroded by migration to server-based applications, "big iron" is back. And, irony of ironies, the catalyst for the comeback is the need to deal with server farms that have grown out of control.