Stories by Philip Michaels

Three Apple Watch features that will make you think differently about smartwatches

I'm not a watch guy. It's not a fashion statement--I've just never enjoyed having anything on my wrists, be it jewelry, watch bands, and especially police restraints. There was a time back in the '90s when I gave pocket watches try, but that was a lamentable artifice. And with the advent of smartphones, whenever I want to know the time, there's already a device in my pocket that will let me know how late I'm running.

The iPhone's sapphire future comes into focus

This may be anathema for someone in the business of writing about tech to say, but I'm not all that interested in iPhone rumors. Shipping products are what grab my attention, not unicorns and phantasms. The minute Tim Cook holds up the new device is the minute it's worthwhile to start examining features and specs, and all the speculation ahead of time is usually just the noise separating one Apple press event from the next.

Sony shines a spotlight on 4K

You can have the prettiest 4K TV sets in the world. But that higher resolution screen will garner only so many oohs and aahs if there's not enough native content to display on it.

FileMaker updates Bento for Mac, iPhone, iPad

A little more than three years ago, FileMaker had only started to offer a personal database program for Mac users intimidated by the extensive features of FileMaker Pro. Flash forward to 2011, and Bento has not only become a mainstay program for individual users on the Mac, but it's also available in versions for all of Apple's iOS devices.

The Bill and Jerry Show

I wasn't anywhere near a TV, so I missed the debut of Microsoft's much-ballyhooed ad campaign featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.