Stories by Matt Hamblen

Microsoft shows Windows on ARM tablet designs

BARCELONA -- Windows on ARM-based reference design touchscreen tablets made an appearance on stage today at Microsoft's <a href="">Windows 8 Consumer Preview</a> event at Mobile World Congress.

Lenovo unveils new IdeaTab tablet, S2 smartphone

Lenovo unveiled Sunday at <a href="">CES</a> the IdeaTab S2 10, a 10-in. <a href="">tablet</a> that weighs 1.27 pounds.

Cisco unveils secure teleworker products

Cisco today unveiled a home office wireless LAN access point (AP) along with other wireless gear aimed at helping corporations securely connect teleworkers to corporate networks.

Cisco upgrades its video portfolio

Cisco Thursday unveiled upgrades to its videoconferencing and video sharing product portfolio, including a 12-inch touchscreen device for controlling endpoints and two new IP desk phones with integrated cameras and 5-inch displays.

Smartphone wars: Analyst sees threat from WP7

A prominent Wall Street analyst declared Friday that Windows Phone 7 has seen a "successful launch" and that Microsoft will heavily market the new platform further, leading to a possible pitched battle against Android smartphones that would leave the iPhone on top.