Stories by Matt Hamblen

Palm breaks Treo record in Q3

Palm says it hit a company record for its smart phone sales in its third quarter, the reverse of Wednesday's negative news from handset maker Motorola.

Cisco enters digital signage market

Cisco Systems has announced a system for digital signage that would enable stores to display and update product marketing at checkout lines with the use of digital video display terminals.

Virtualisation management tool from CA

On Monday, December 4, CA is announcing a revision of a Unicenter software tool that consolidates management of a greater variety of vendors' clustered and virtualised servers.

Autonomic computing

The central promise of autonomics is that IT workers won't need to do as many routine chores such as restore failed servers or provision switches and routers. Autonomics can free up IT workers for higher-level tasks and give them more time to spend with business managers to find ways to make systems work for the needs of their companies.