Stories by Matt Hamblen

GPS use not that high, survey shows

GPS services available in cars, over the phone and in handheld devices are used by only 17 percent of adults in the U.S., despite recent technology improvements and falling prices, according to an independent survey released Wednesday.

RIM set to release dual-mode BlackBerry 8820

Research In Motion announced the new BlackBerry 8820 on Tuesday, saying it's the first dual-mode BlackBerry to provide wireless voice and data access over both cellular and wi-fi wireless networks.

HP ships its iPaq smart phone

Hewlett-Packard Co.'s iPaq 510 Voice Messenger, a dual-mode smart phone <a href="">announced</a> in February, is now shipping, the company said Monday.

Stephen Richards to pay $29.7M in restitution

CAs former head of worldwide sales, New Zealander Stephen Richards, was ordered in federal court to pay US$29.7 million in restitution to stockholders for his part in a major fraud scheme at the software company.

Nortel joins with IBM for VoIP

Nortel Networks announced plans to help small and medium-size businesses move to voice over IP and unified communications by combining Nortel applications with IBM System i servers.

July 'beam down' for 2G RAZR phone

Motorola has announced the next-generation RAZR phone, called RAZR2. It is a slimmer second-generation device, reduced in size by two millimetres from the original RAZR.

Patent reformers hail AT&T ruling

US patent law reformers lauded a crucial decision by the US Supreme Court on Monday. A near-unanimous decision found Microsoft is not liable for using patented AT&amp;T technology in versions of the Windows operating system running on computers outside of the US.

Swainson praises CA's resilience

CA's CEO John Swainson announced a new vision for management software tools on Sunday at CA World, while describing his company as making critical strides compared with its last global user conference 18 months ago.