Stories by Matt Hamblen

New CEO faces need to set Motorola priorities

Edward Zander's departure as CEO from Motorola, announced Friday, should spark intense examination by incoming CEO Greg Brown into which markets the cell phone and communications equipment maker should focus on.

Android seen as leading to market fragmentation

Monday's announcement of the Android open mobile platform by Google and dozens of other companies could provoke the kinds of industry battles seen with other Linux-based initiatives, where incumbent, established players fight newcomers.

Microsoft's Ballmer makes a pitch for unifying devices

Everybody's seen That Guy on an airplane: He's got an MP3 player for music, a BlackBerry for e-mail, and a slick multimedia laptop for creating spreadsheets or watching movies. And he might even also carry a cell phone, unless the BlackBerry doubles as one.

Four new phones coming from Verizon

Verizon Wireless will offer four new wireless phones aimed at holiday sales, including the LG Voyager, which offers both a touch screen and QWERTY keypad, the carrier announced on Wednesday.

RFID heading to cellphones

Presenters at RFID World in Boston on Wednesday focused on using second-generation active and passive radio frequency identification tags to provide advanced security and authentication, as well as ways to broaden the reach of the technology.

Frequent cell phone use may slow brain function

There have been worries about cell phones causing brain cancer. And certainly everyone worries about driving behind the guy who's holding the steering wheel with his knees while tapping in a message on a wireless e-mail device.

Cisco launches virtual, 3-D site

Cisco Systems launched a virtual online 3-D world based on a trade-show motif on Thursday to enable its 40,000 global channel partners to meet and exchange information with application providers and device manufacturers.