Stories by John E. Dunn

Seagate in full-disk encryption push

Seagate has launched a major push to increase the uptake of its Full Disk Encryption (FDE) laptop and PC drives, with higher capacities, competitive prices, and a partnership with Dell.

Kaspersky granted nifty scan-speed patent

Kaspersky Lab has been granted a wide-ranging patent that might be of interest to anyone who has ever complained about the time it takes for anti-virus programs to scan PC files.

Kingston shows secure USB stick

The evolution of USB sticks from detested security hazard to data respectability has continued with the announcement of a new product certified to stringent U.S. government levels of security.

Iomega's new REV motors to 120GB

Iomega has announced the third incarnation of its successful REV backup platform, upping the capacity of the drives to an uncompressed 120GB each.