Stories by John E. Dunn

Android and iOS apps still being cloned to spread malware

Mobile app cloning from unauthorised app sites now affects 97 percent of the top 100 paid Android apps and 87 percent of the Apple iOS apps in the same category, with financial services, healthcare and retail popular targets for criminals, Arxan Technology's annual survey of the phenomenon has found.

HP drops Windows 7 from Slate tablet

It was made public to the world by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer himself but an unconfirmed report now says that HP is ditching Windows 7 from its high-profile but unreleased <a href="">Slate tablet computer</a>.

Internet heading for 'perfect storm'

Attacks on the cloud could cause major global outages and the service providers are now quietly worried at the potential for chaos, a survey of the sector has found.

Web selling can beat recession, says Adobe

Face-to-face selling has taken a knock in the recession, and Adobe wants the world to hear about the alternative: more web presentations, PDF-based portfolios, and lots of pitching using embedded video.

Companies warned over 'aging' firewalls

Firewalls become more of a security risk as they 'age', a security assessment company has advised at the launch of a new service it claims can strip out the risk posed by out-of-date rules.