Stories by Matt Hines

HP's security plans on growth track

IT industry giant HP is experiencing marked growth of its security business less than one year after re-launching a number of its products and services under its Secure Advantage brand, company executives claim.

Experts hammer Web 2.0 security

Even as social networking darling Facebook prepares a version of its online networking application aimed specifically at enterprise users, legions of security experts are getting behind the idea that the sites represent a serious threat to businesses and other organisations.

Intel adds encryption to vPro

Intel is preparing to introduce a new set of security features in its next-generation vPro microprocessors that have been designed to extend the reach of encryption applications and make the systems easier to install and manage.

Cost of data breaches keeps rising

Organizations that experience data breaches are paying more than ever to recover from the incidents and retain customers once the events become public knowledge, according to a new research report.

Expert do's and don'ts for dealing with data breaches

Organizations that experience data breaches must move quickly to assuage the fears of their constituents and go beyond expectations to address the situations effectively, according to those most familiar with the incidents.

Cisco extends NAC product lineup

Cisco announced a pair of additions to its Network Admission Control (NAC) product line yesterday, launching new tools that promise to extend the authentication system to a greater variety of devices and office environments. The introductions were timed to coincide with the start of the Security Standard Conference in Chicago, which is owned and operated by InfoWorld parent IDG.

HP-SPI deal underscores apps security integration

Hewlett Packard's acquisition of Web applications security specialist SPI Dynamics on June 19 illustrates a growing demand among enterprise customers to have vulnerability-scanning tools integrated into their software development platforms.