Stories by Ian Paul

Google Expands Its Ads

Watch out, people: Bigger online ads are headed your way. <a href="">Google AdSense</a>, one of the largest ad providers on the web, Wednesday introduced <a href="">expandable ads</a> that will grow to twice their height or width. The ads will also act as a layer over an existing Web page--which means that when the ad is active, the original Web page will be blurred and inaccessible. The new ads will be a way for advertisers to deliver their messages with greater use of multimedia like video, larger photos, and so on.

Sony's PSP Gets a New Look

Sony's redesigned PSP is rumored to be getting a new look. But all changes to this portable gaming device, expected to be released later this year, are largely cosmetic.

Obama's Top 5 Tech Tools

Barack Obama promises to be the most tech-savvy President ever. We've already seen the positive effects the Internet had on his campaign--so what can we expect from the Obama Administration? Here are five online tools that President Obama is likely to use frequently:

Top searches of 2008

The year is coming to a close, but the endless year-in-review articles are just beginning. Google's annual Zeitgeist is out today with its compilation of the most popular search terms around the world.

Microsoft Offers Free Songs to Zune Subscribers

Microsoft Thursday launched a <a href="">new subscription model </a> for its Zune music service. If you fork over the monthly fee of US$14.99 for unlimited music, you can add 10 tracks to your permanent collection every month--free of charge.