Stories by Ian Paul

Apple's new subscription model: Pros and cons

Apple recently said it wants a 30 per cent cut of all subscriptions sold on iOS devices, including services that offer music, video, newspapers and magazines. But Apple's move may force digital publishers and content providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to think long and hard about continuing to offer apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Bing vs. Google: The Content Wars

The search engine wars are heating up again, but unlike previous battles Microsoft's Bing and Google's Google are taking different approaches to win over users. Bing is doubling down on Facebook integration, while Google is moving aggressively into the media space with Google TV and Chrome OS netbooks.

iPad, MacBook sales make Apple number three in portable devices

Want to make Apple an overnight success in the portable PC market? Just lump iPad and MacBook sales into one category, and the company jumps from the seventh to the third largest portable computer manufacturer worldwide. That's what Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore believes more investors should do when considering Apple's market share in portables, according to Fortune. Portable computers include devices like laptops and netbooks. Hewlett-Packard is the number one followed by Acer, according to Deutsche Bank.

iPhone sales forecast to hit 100 million by 2011

Apple's total iPhone user base may reach as high as 100 million users by the end of 2011, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. In a widely reported research note, Huberty expects to see about 42 million iPhones sold by the end of 2010 and that number could reach as high as 48 million, as reported in Fortune. Huberty's prediction is bolstered, at least in part, by Apple's recent announcement that it sold 600,000 iPhone 4 devices during the first 24 hours the new smartphone was available for pre-order.

One Million iPads Sold, Apple Says

Apple is<a href=""> bragging it has sold 1 million iPads just days after its iPad 3G went on sale last Friday</a>. The announcement comes less than a month after Apple began shipping the Wi-Fi only version to customers on April 3. In addition to preliminary sales figures, Apple also said that iPad users have already downloaded 12 million apps for the iPad, and 1.5 million e-books.

Dell's Tablet Plans Leaked

Forget about boring old <a href="">next-generation iPhone leaks</a> , more rumors are afoot about Dell's aggressive moves into the mobile space with its line-up of <a href="">Android-based tablet computers</a> . Engadget has uncovered what it claims are leaked documents detailing information about the 5-inch multitouch <a href="">Dell Streak</a> tablet (also known as the <a href="">Dell Mini 5</a> ), and Dell's 7-inch multitouch tablet device, known as the <a href="">Looking Glass</a>. Engadget's images of marketing material for the Streak 5 reveal the device may be released this summer or possibly as late as September, while the Looking Glass looks set for a November release. There's also no word on pricing for either device.

iPad Resellers Profit from Apple's Shipping Delay

Would you pay $10000 for a hand-delivered iPad? That's what some hopeful iPad entrepreneurs are banking on. Online retailers are jacking-up iPad prices after Apple announced a delay of the <a href="">international launch of the iPad due to unexpected demand. </a>With no iPads coming to Europe, Asia and Australia until late May, online retailers stand to make big profits by shipping Apple's newest device at a premium to customers outside the U.S. who can't wait for the iPad to become available at home. Current online prices range from a relatively reasonable markup of $40-$100 to three times the iPad's retail price or more.

Microsoft: Windows 7 fastest-selling OS ever

Microsoft has sold 90 million copies of Windows 7 to date, making it the fastest-selling operating system in history, according to Peter Klein, Microsoft's chief financial officer. Klein made the comments earlier this week while speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference. While most of what Klein had to say dealt with the Microsoft's financial expectations, the company's top number cruncher did discuss a few interesting things about Microsoft's product outlook for the coming year.

LinkedIn Lands In Microsoft Outlook

The social network for business professionals, LinkedIn, released a beta version of its Microsoft Outlook add-on Wednesday. <a href="">LinkedIn Outlook Connector</a> allows you to keep up to date with your LinkedIn connections, integrates their contact information into Outlook, and allows you to add new LinkedIn connections right from your desktop.

CES: Five big tech trends

The Consumer Electronics Show may be over, but the devices shown off last week in Las Vegas gave us a glimpse of where technology is headed this year. CES had its highlights, letdowns, and oddball gimmicks; but looking at all the coverage there were five trends that stood out for me among the thousands of devices and new technologies featured at this year's trade show.

Family Guy To Shill For Windows 7

Microsoft is sponsoring a <a href="">Windows 7</a> television extravaganza next month in collaboration with FOX and "Family Guy" creator/voice actor Seth MacFarlane. The program's working title is "Family Guy Presents: Seth &amp; Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show," and will weave Windows 7 promotions into the television special.

Latest iPhone 3.0 Beta Reveals Parental Controls

Developers got an unexpected surprise yesterday after Apple released a new beta of the iPhone OS 3.0 and a second version of iTunes 8.2. This release comes just eight days after Apple released 3.0 beta 4 and the first public version of iTunes 8.2. Apple's typical release schedule for new 3.0 beta versions has been about two weeks. If beta 5's availability signals a faster release schedule, then a near-final version of iPhone OS 3.0 may be just around the corner. That would make sense since it's barely over a month until Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco where 3.0 is expected to make its debut.

Twitter: we are not for sale

Recently Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams were on ABC's The View as part of Twitter's current media campaign that has also included appearances on Oprah and The Colbert Report. Responding to a question from Barbara Walters about the rumors surrounding an imminent purchase of Twitter by a larger tech company, Stone responded with an unequivocal, &quot;No. We are not for sale.&quot;

First Look: The New Mobile Firefox Browser

Mozilla Wednesday put out its first beta release of <a href="">Fennec</a>, the mobile version of its Firefox browser. I took a quick look at Firefox's little sibling, and I have to say Fennec is a very impressive and easy to use browser that maximizes your small screen space.